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The Client

Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics company specializing in the manufacturing of make-up products.

Actually, Inglot is one of the world's leading manufacturers in color cosmetics. A wide range of colors provides a lot of ways to improve our make-up. And don’t forget that most of its cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free! What else could we ask for?

The Approach

Since Inglot is a makeup brand that targets highlighting our best selves and helps us be part of this awesome makeup journey, we knew that our content should show originality and freshness.

We all agreed that our feed should follow words like happy,  girly, playful. With one word, our content should be  “wow.”  And that‘s what we did. We created a strategy that our look and feel have coherence in both colors and products. Of course, we agreed that IG comes first. But we didn’t stay there…

Our posts consist of educational videos, reposts from international make-up artists and models, reposts from MUA …

We know that our audience is crazy about everything new in “the island,” so we try to be loyal and bring all the new ins through Inglot Cyprus social media pages!! We share the core benefits of the products and tips and make-up advice that inform and engage our followers! Moreover, we implemented our strategic approach through our giveaways and contests through which our audience and all those who love makeup will try our products and get to know the brand and all that it has to offer! (our average number of comments and interactions on our Giveaways is 6K+ 🤩)

The Project

Social media Management

The client assigned us- to manage and prepare a strategy focused on a young audience, creating awareness and education around the Inglot. The client’s goals are to create an engaging, fun page community on IG and spread the message that Inglot is a professional makeup brand with high-quality products at an affordable price.

What are the assets- all visual assets of Inglot are ready and delivered by the International brand. However, this is the challenge with this brand. Often, the assets do not follow a consistent and coherent look and feel as they represent different customer needs.

So we recognized the need to integrate all this information and data on our “local” needs. Still, at the same time, we stayed loyal to Inglot identity and all its audience who love fashion and cosmetic trends!

Our Goals

Since the industry of Beauty and Cosmetics is very competitive on Social Media, our goals are based on a strategic plan to increase awareness and generate engagements while creating a cool and loyal fan page community with engaged users who will love and trust Inglot Cyprus.

This is why our strategy is based on 3 pillars that we are constantly working on to adapt to all needs and trends that affect our customers’ behavior and determine our seasonal and yearly goals.

Level #1: We talk about the products.

Level #2: We educate users about the basic principles of the brand and products.

Level #3: We let them interact with the brand and culture.

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