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The Client

In 2022, OW Digital and Leptos Calypso Hotels began a new collaboration. We took over the social media accounts and Google Ads for four hotels and holiday resorts, including the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort, Basilica Holiday Resort and Leptos Panorama Hotel, with the aim of raising awareness, engagement and traffic to the websites.

Aside from exceptional content creation and social media management, our clients also place a high emphasis on conversions and sales. We are proud to announce that we have successfully met their expectations in this regard.

How we did it

Search Ads are paid advertisements that appear in search engine results. By selecting the right keywords and negative keywords, the ads appear to the audience that is looking for that product or service. We optimised the campaign by adding visuals and using sitelinks (up to 4) to promote available services. In the case of Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, the Ads had conversions as a goal to optimise the campaign for sales.

From July to August, we managed to reach 500% ROI on Search Ads!

What we did

Starting in 2022, we aimed to raise awareness of the hotels by posting about their locations, facilities, architecture, and other information that customers would like to see before booking a room. Our priority on social media was to show the experience of staying at the hotels and resorts, making the audience feel like they are in a holiday mood by just scrolling through our accounts. We mainly used static visuals, but also created some reels for the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort and Basilica Holiday Resort. Video content allows us to demonstrate the experience in a more realistic way and increase organic reach and engagement.

We also created different strategies for each hotel. Basilica Holiday Resort and Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort mainly needed to grow their accounts, so we focused on engagement ads on Facebook and Instagram. For Leptos Panorama Hotel and Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, we aimed to increase traffic to the websites.

Regarding the Google Ads, for the first months, all our ads were Display Ads, focusing on driving our target audiences to our websites. This helped us gather more information about the audiences of each hotel, as the ad accounts were new and allowed the algorithm to start working and show the ads to those who were indeed interested in travelling to Cyprus and Greece. A few months later, when we had enough data, we decided to invest in Search Ads for Coral Beach Hotel & Resort. What did we do? Built a plan, launched the ads, enjoyed the conversions!

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