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The Project

Libresse is a fun young brand ideal for any woman of any age. From her teens all the way to adulthood and life events like pregnancy, Libresse can cover any need a woman has during her cycle and day-to-day life.

With Libresse, a woman can live every day without fear, whether she is on her period or not.

All women regardless of their age should live fearless & free, be themselves and not let anything bring them down. However, there are things that you cannot control. Even your own body. The weather, the music, the memories, everything affects you. At the same time, we are different and unique, our bodies are as well! We do not need the same as the woman next to us, our body reacts differently. Explore and understand your body and its needs. But there is something that protects who you are. Something that is always there, and leaves room for you to be yourself. Dailies, Normal, All night, you choose what fits you and enjoy your day.  #IstoriesMesaMas

The goals and objectives were:

  • Brand Loyalty 
  • Brand Awareness
  • Engage with a younger audience 
  • Reach 
  • Traffic 

What did they want us to achieve from a business perspective:

Raise brand awareness for the product range and gain brand loyalty from a younger audience. In order to achieve our goals, a holistic social media campaign was activated, utilizing several social media channels and important personas with influencing power to reach our target audience between the ages of 15-45.

Main Assets of the Campaign were sent from International Headquarters adjusted to Greek Language. At the beginning of research and analysis of the Libresse local strategy, we focused on how to approach the local desirable audience and then we adjusted the campaign to achieve the desired goals and objectives.  

Three different types of visuals were promoted through this campaign.

  • Video & Statics from the global campaign
  • Promoting the competition
  • Content from Influencers

The Execution

The aforementioned types were promoted through:

  • Social Media Platforms 
  1. Influencer’s Content
  2. Grey Ads (FB & IG)
  3. Spotify
  • Local Media
  1. Native Article & Experiential Article
  2. Banners

All the above content was “driving” users to a competition on a landing page! Through the landing page, users could watch the #IstoriesMesaMas promotional video and had a chance to particpate by answering 3 simple quiz questions.

These included questions connected to the menstrual cycle, heredity and educational facts about the female body. At the end of the quiz, there was a non-mandatory field in case they wanted to share a story with us about their difficult times and how they managed to get out of the situation away from the eyes of Social Media.  
*There was a note that if they share the story with us, we might share it anonymously on our SM.

After receiving many stories- some with a happy ending, some that with a rollercoaster of emotions and heartbreaking stories, we selected three stories and shared them through SM in order to raise awareness regarding the campaign and to inspire women everywhere.

Simutaneoulsy, a select number of important personas with influencing power shared their story on their personal IG Accounts to really get the word out there.

All of these personas were selected based on specific criteria- which most importantly was to cover every type of woman, regardless of age and personality.

These were more than happy to be vulnerable and transparent about something so personal exactly because of how much this campaign inspired them!


We feel so proud working on the specific campaign as we empowered women to share their stories, we feel proud of our own media teams who shared their stories, stories that they might not have shared with anyone else before.

We would like to believe that through this campaign we empowered them to be themselves, not feel alone and if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain! 💪 💪  

Through the specific campaign we managed to create a small community that wanted to share their personal stories and were inspired by #IstoriesMesaMas to enable the notion of period normality.

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