Ancoria Insurance - SEO
The Client

Ancoria Insurance is an insurance company in Cyprus with over 30 years of experience.
Their request was to optimize their website in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to increase their website functionality but also improve their organic rankings in specific keywords.

Project Execution

First we ran a Site Audit using one of the best tools in the marketing industry to identify any Errors, Warnings and Notices that should be addressed. We extracted those reports (Errors, Warnings and Notices), on a weekly basis, and sent them to their respective departments to address them. Then we were able to track the differences on a weekly and monthly basis and compare the results.

Moreover, we selected some specific keywords that were suitable for ranking for specific pages, and used our tool to provide the best suggestions on how those pages could be optimized in terms of SEO. 

To enhance our work, we published articles adding backlinks on specific keywords in the article to improve Page Authority score as well as rankings. Backlinks on specific keywords were added also on already published articles for the same reasons.

While taking those actions, we were also constantly looking for new keyword trends, to make adjustments to our current schedule and get better results by staying relevant.


In 6 months, we managed to: 

  • 13.65% Increased Page Visibility 
  • 26 Keywords Rankings
  • 18.84% Increased Organic Traffic
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