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The Client

Columbia Beach is a premier beachfront dining establishment renowned for its culinary excellence, picturesque location and vibrant ambience. As a leading destination for tourists and locals alike, Columbia Beach sought to enhance its online presence by showcasing the unique offerings it has through engaging photography and content creation that would appeal to a mass audience, and greatly capture its authentic vibrancy and vast selection of refined dishes and cocktails.

The Concept

In order to encapsulate the brand’s true essence, we conceptualised an evocative approach that focused on conveying a sense of realism, approachability and ethereal inspiration, that would invite audiences to immerse themselves in the culinary delights, refreshing cocktails and idyllic beachfront setting. We settled on 4 thematics: 

  • The Sounds of Columbia: Capture the immersive experience through slow-motion content and attention to detail, with the main focus being sounds such as clinking glasses, crashing waves, etc, to evoke a multisensory journey for audiences.
  • Dive into Flavour: Utilise close-up shots and vibrant sceneries to showcase the culinary craftsmanship through intricately plated dishes and expertly crafted cocktails. 
  • Raw & Fresh: Focus on celebrating the use of fresh, raw ingredients that define the gastronomic identity of the brand, through close-up shots of materials and produce to convey its dedication to freshness and authenticity. 
  • Columbia Beach Experience: Highlight the inviting and appealing space of the establishment by showcasing a laid-back atmosphere and its stunning location that exude a free-spirited and welcoming essence that caters to all.  

The Execution

Each thematic was planned and executed through a vividly powerful moodboard and shot list that acted as guidebooks for our production day, in terms of both static and video contents. We also included the participation of models, to curate a diverse range of content that resonated with the restaurant’s target audience and core brand values. The idea was to evoke emotions, maintain a level of inspiring vibrancy and subtle movements, which would welcome audiences to imagine themselves as part of the scenic environment, enjoying a lovely cocktail and meal among loved ones, thus enhancing engagement and reliability. 


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