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The Client

Libresse is a young and fun brand ideal for any woman of any age. From her teens all the way to adulthood and life events like pregnancy, Libresse can cover any need a woman has during her cycle and day to day life. Libresse symbolises every strong woman and it supports them to live their everyday lives without fear.


All women should be themselves and not let anything bring them down. However, there are some things that are certain, which cannot be controlled. For example, a woman’s period is something uncontrollable and unavoidable. Every woman reacts differently when she is on her period. Do not be afraid! Explore your body and realise your needs. It’s okay. You may want to sleep all day, you may want to eat every food on the planet, you may want to exercise all day, it’s okay. Remember that there is something that protects who you are. Something that is always there for you, and lets you be yourself. Dailies, Normal, All night, you choose what fits you and enjoy your day.  #IstoriesMesaMasRound2


Goals and objectives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Awareness
  • Brand Connectivity 

The Project

The campaign’s targets were to raise brand awareness for the product range and gain brand loyalty from a younger audience. In order to achieve our goals, a holistic social media campaign was activated. This social media campaign utilized several social media channels and important and influential personas in order to reach our target audience of women of different ages.

One of the main assets was the video created for the first part of the campaign #IstoriesMesaMas.

Along with the video for the main campaign, 4 videos were created by the OW team where 3 pairs of women participated to spread period normality awareness.

The 3 pairs that were chosen, were based on the below categories:

  • Friends with children
  • Mom and Daughter
  • Friends in their 20s-30s

The 3 pairs of women that came into our studios and replied to our various questions sparked many conversations, leading the team to create:

  • 4 Engaging Videos
  • 4 Native Articles 

The Execution

  • Created the Native Campaign to educate women regarding their cycle and to spread awareness on period normality. 
  • Shared Campaign Visuals to create brand awareness and gain a loyal audience while recalling last year’s campaign. 
  • Shared Campaign Video through Google Ads to spread brand awareness on a different medium. 
  • Collaborate with Influencers to create native videos, spread brand awareness and motivate other women to embrace period normality.
  • Created four native articles and shared them on the local media driving people to the video content and the Libresse website.
#IstoriesMesaMas Round 2


#IstoriesMesaMas Round 2


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