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Pralina’s Reels engagement rate is 6%, which is 3% higher than average on social media


The Client

Pralina is a member of the A. Zorbas & Sons Ltd group, which extends to the restaurant Pralina Experience and Pralina confectioneries. They offer a magical experience of the finest meals with exquisite tastes in a luxurious environment.

The idea

Our marketing team proposed to create Instagram Reels, since gastronomic audiovisual content is very demanded on the platform. The concept was straightforward: to create mouthwatering Instagram Reels to inspire the audience to experience Pralina.

The challenges

The brand came with strict guidelines. We created a content strategy which avoided damaging Pralina’s high-status brand identity, meanwhile was platform-native and trendy enough.

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The Execution

Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we focused on what we CAN DO. We focused on the Reels' trends prioritizing aesthetical aspects, found stylish and tasteful trending audios, and mainly emphasized on the “Instagramability” of the dishes, confectioneries and Pralina’s environment. 

Results for the latest 12 Reels:

Total Reach: 330k
Total Plays: 40k
Total Engagement : 2.3k

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