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Established in 1889, Sharwoods is a British food company, which specialises in Asian food. The guardian of the food sauce challenged us to introduce the brand in the local market with a unified global expression. We plunged into audience insights and identified a strategic opportunity for Sharwoods to entice the audience. 

By handling its social media accounts, our team generated key visuals and a tone of voice that flexed across its worldwide identity, imbuing this commodity brand with a powerful truth and trust. To ensure brand synergy, colour palettes, tone of voice and visuals were created in line with Sharwood's global values.

We conveyed the brand’s nurturing connection to ethnic tastes and wellbeing, bolstering consumer loyalty. 

Our team
Katerina Gregoriou
Digital Account Executive
Digital Marketing
Jenny Zaragka
Digital Designer
Stavriana Nathanail
Success Manager
Digital Marketing
Virginia Sakka
Digital Marketing

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