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The Client 

Toni & Guy was founded by the brothers Toni and Guy Mascolo.

The brand began its journey in London of the United Kingdom in 1963, when the first hairdressing salon opened and within a few years more and more stores opened up in South London, slowly expanding into the development of products as well.


  • 1979- the brand expanded with the TIGI haircare product line.
  • The 2000s- introduced the first consumer-available products.
  • 2009- the first T&G hair care line was acquired by Unilever.
  • 2020- the brand holds 60 years of hairdressing excellence.

Today there are more than 485 salons in 48 countries.

This is clearly, not your ordinary brand -Toni & Guy boasts history and expertise in the world of haircare. 

The Project

Toni & Guy assigned us to manage and prepare a special influencer’s campaign in order to raise awareness in the local market about their professional hair care products under the concept: ‘#EveryoneCanBeAPro My Haircare Routine’.

The aim was also to educate the audience that Toni & Guy products are available in hypermarkets around Cyprus.

To create hype about the products, we chose to collaborate with a few local yet popular influencers, since the local market is driven by word of mouth and friends’ or influencers’ recommendations.

To enhance this activity we also created a social media competition giving the chance to users to win a full set of Toni & Guy hair care products! For that reason, we created a dedicated landing page in Drupal Content Management System with branding elements and a clear call to action button to increase participants. The landing page was also built in a high conversion format dedicated to raising traffic. 

The Objectives

  • Brand Recognition & Product Positioning
  • Create awareness that Toni & Guy products are available at the hypermarkets in Cyprus.
  • Promote the products and their benefits in a native and fresh way under the theme ‘My Haircare Routine’ #EveryoneCanBeAPro
  • Familiarise our audience with our brand and drive traffic from our competition.

The Campaign

To reinforce the message of “high end & professional quality hair care”, we included two main categories of influencers:

  • Lifestyle influencers with a high number of followers.
  • Micro-Influencers with dedicated fashion and beauty content and a loyal audience.

The two categories above would allow us to both reach a higher percentage of the desired target audience, and reinforce the “high end & professional quality hair care” message. As we were aiming to reach the highest percentage as possible of our target audience, we took into consideration that the chosen influencers represented the customer’s various needs and were part of the T&G culture.

Once we considered all of the above, we finalized the influencers list and we asked them to tell us their hair needs so we could send them the appropriate Hair Range and relevant information and to share their experience through their profiles.

We separated our campaign into 3 phases as we wanted to bring the maximum of results.  

This included:

  • A series of short videos promoting the products and their benefits.
  • A lifestyle carousel post that will promote the results of the T&G product use. 
  • A story that will promote the competition using the ‘Link’ feature.

Phase 1: Instagram stories

Each influencer received a package of products that were relevant to their hair needs. Once they tried the products, we asked them to create a few stories where they will introduce them under the theme of ‘#EveryoneCanBeAPro My Haircare Routine.’ In the stories, the influencers explained the use and their benefits to educate and intrigue the consumer. They also inform the audience that all products are available at the hypermarkets in Cyprus!

We also requested to inform and inspire users in order to follow the Toni and Guy Products Cyprus page on Facebook, and to stay tuned for more surprises and hair tips! In this way, we increased our followership on our Facebook page!

Phase 2: Instagram carousel post

We wanted influencers to have some time to try the products so a few days later we urged them to upload a lifestyle carousel post on Instagram.  

The first photo showcased their stylized hair and the second one the products in a lifestyle approach.

We recommended to them to include some USPs of the product range that they used.

Our aim was to communicate our message on consumers’ minds, that the Toni & Guy products are for beautiful and healthy hair and they are ideal for all hair types and colors! 

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