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The Client

Unihalls always seeks to have that ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ kind of vibe and approach towards its resident students. As a luxury accommodation, Unihalls offers a wide range of services and amenities that allow for local and international students to experience the ultimate university adventure with ease and comfort. As the brand always intends to create an inclusive environment, where students can learn, thrive and feel right at home, we took on this concept and expanded on it with our content creation mechanism, in order to offer more valuable and purposeful guidance to students.  

The Content

Through numerous organised productions, we were able to capture the essence of Unihalls and create a community that centred around inspirational and informational short videos. By leveraging the popularity, authenticity and mass appeal of Instagram Reels and TikToks, we produced numerous videos that captured the luxurious aspects of Unihalls, but also provided valuable insights that would make the life of students more adventurous, interesting and manageable.    

From budget-friendly suggestions, study inspirations and methods, to humorous personas and must-visit locations, we were able to tap into every seasonal need of students and provide them with easy and functional ways that would elevate their experience. The content went beyond traditional approaches, to offer meaningful details to students to make them thrive in their academic and social encounters, while establishing Unihalls as more than just an accommodation, but more of a partner in creating a holistic living experience.

As an added bonus, we gave the opportunity to student residents at Unihalls to be the stars of some of our productions, in order to expand the brand’s approachability, while incorporating a greater sense of authenticity and relatability to our videos.

The Objective

Through the strategic and creative use of short-form video content, we were able to create a positive and engaging online presence for Unihalls, which led to the growth of a vibrant community that turned to the brand time and time again for a fulfilling student experience.

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