Chrysodalia Food Industry Ltd was founded in 2001, as a result of the merge between Chrysostomou and Idaliou cold cuts industries. Since then, the company has grown and evolved into one of the most modern food processing plants in Cyprus, according to European standards.


The new website for Chrysodalia Food Industry had to firmly reinforce the company as an industry leader. We needed to showcase the wide range of Chrysodalia cooked meats and products in an attractive manner while maintaining an easily navigable nature for the website. The site needed to reflect the Chrysodalia sophistication while paying homage to the rich tradition behind its history.


In order to communicate the freshness of the products and the practical appeal of the company’s packaging, our first step was to utilise custom in-house photography that artfully highlights and captures the Chrysodalia quality.


Since Chrysodalia offers a large variety of quality cold cuts and other products we wanted to communicate this clearly through product listing on the home page. Below our hero image and a small preview of the About Us page, visitors can find rows of images, each corresponding to a type of product that Chrysodalia has to offer. Clicking on these images redirects visitors to different sections of the website, such as Salami, Ham, and so on. Each of these sections have further product listings within them.


At the bottom of the page are a few examples of different recipes one can make using Chrysodalia ingredients among others, with a link to the Recipes page. This content encourages the user to find out more about the company’s products and what they can do with them, giving suggestions and ideas on how to use them.


The Chrysodalia website was built on our favourite Drupal 8 Content Management System. This gave our client full access and full ability to manage the variety of content. It also enabled them to easily offer the content in 2 languages, Greek and English.

Editors also have the ability to use Paragraphs elements to manage the content of their pages. Paragraphs are elements that can be used to make a page more visually striking. This includes the separation of content into columns, creation of tables, accordions, tabs, and other elements that help create much more complexity than a simple text editor would.

The website features some great design elements and effects, such us parallax and mouseover effects, which make the website stand out and give it a lively quality!


Not only does the Chrysodalia website feature original photography, an uncomplicated layout, large fonts, and ample white space, it gives the visitors extra content in the form of recipes. This clearly establishes the company as a confident, expert leader in its field. Social media icons, as well as a large Contact Us box, enable users to get in touch with the company for any further information or enquiries they may have, and demonstrates the company’s willingness and devotion to receiving feedback from its valued customers.