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About the Campaign

Every year Mitsides takes advantage of holiday seasons and international days to support various causes.

This year in Easter 2022, the Mitsides company supported the Mora Thavmata organization by donating €0.02 of all the purchases of flour during the month of April 2022.

We promoted this initiative through various online activations as well as placing.

The topic of the Easter campaign was to raise awareness about the company’s initiative of supporting for the 7th year the organization Mora Thavmata. Each year, the Mitsides company offers a donation from the profits of each selected product range to a different cause.

The Objective

  • Contribute to Mitsides Trustworthy Reputation by reaching as many people as possible.
  • Boost user engagement.
  • Increase sales during April.

The Channels

  • Facebook
    • Mitsides
  • Instagram
    • mitsidescyprus
    • louispatsalides

The Campaign

This year, they decided that the topic of the Easter campaign was to help and support the work of the  ‘Mora Thavmata" association. With each pack of Mitsides flour that you would buy, you would donate €0,02 and support premature babies in their challenging health journey.

While all of our activities had a primary objective of raising awareness about the charity, we were also aiming to create a database of email addresses that were going to be used later on in our email marketing campaigns.

The campaign lasted for the whole month of April 2022.

Our brief was to create something that would connect the values of the company to the importance of their donation and would encourage people to contribute to this donation.

For this idea, we decided to create a giveaway and a collaboration. 
Steps of the giveaway: They were asked to complete and submit the form with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Gift: Easter Box full of Mitsides Products

We created visuals to share the message ‘Ζυμώνουμε με αγάπη για τα θαύματα της ζωής’

The Outcome

In terms of the budget and the advertising spent as well as the defined KPIs, the campaign was very successful and brought back impressive results.
In total with this campaign, we reached more than 20,336 Unique Users, with 979 engaging with the campaign.

Email Subscriptions:

  • Lead Generation Competition: 3,786
  • Landing Page Competition: 747
  • Total: 4,533

Alongside the 'Mora Thavmata' Association, we were very happy to deliver a leading-edge phototherapy system to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Makarios Hospital. This equipment contributes to the effective treatment of jaundice in newborns and the support of developmental care.

The purchase of this equipment was largely financed by our Easter campaign "Let's bake with love for the miracles of life!" and we would like to thank those who supported us in this effort.

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